1.Don’t drive after dark…. you can’t see where the potholes are. 2. Always carry a spare tyre and a pump. 3.Treat the police with respect and always smile. 4.Drive slowly over the raised bumps or lombardas placed on the roads. 5. Carry your documents if you are driving any length of distance. That’s it, remember to smile!


The month of May in Ireland is probably our favourite time. Spring is well set in and the hawthorn is in full bloom. You can still get a few magical mists in the evening, and the birds are building their nests. The seagulls are even noisier! This year as in the most of Northern Europe the weather has not been at it’s best, but the Guinness is as good as ever, it’s even cheaper than last year as Ireland fights with the economic crisis to give it’s natives a better deal!

Sunday Times article by Tony Perrottet. Great article, and tells it just how it is. Body worshipping however is not confined to Buzios. All of Brazil’s 5000 miles of beaches accommodate this passion… that and drinking SKOL beer! They are buffed, and they do cavort, but then they are not in economic dire straits. However for the next Buzios you have to look to the North East and a little place called Joao Pessoa. Here you can find beaches with nearly no electricity, nearly no refrigerators and nearly no running water. Nowadays all daily life essentials throughout Brazil. The region has wide open empty beaches, cheap beach houses, gorgeous beach bars/restaurants and buggys. Even the Cariocas (people who live in Rio) speak of JP with a sense of respect. So if you want untouched, glorious and standing out from the crowd have a look. Between Natal and Recife is the area to focus on, perhaps BB is already there!

Plastic Plumbing… its great, it’s all they have, it’s all you need, it’s like a big airfix set… same glue, don’t be afraid to have a go!


With the sun in the tropics you know where you are…. it’s easy to tell the time from 3.00pm onwards…. nearly time for a beer!

This is what I enjoy, and in Brazil the financial rewards will be huge ten years down the line….

Gringoes are probably the most interesting people in the world… just listen and learn!!

Beaches; They’re just world class…… you can get them, empty, a little bit empty, or very empty…. take your pick!!

Estate Agents. Some are great…. others I wouldn’t even spit my tobacco chew at!

Tyres. Believe it or not if you’re driving a car any sort of distance you need to check and make sure your spare wheel and changing kit is up to spec.